Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Cleaning the Ocean

Why we should stop polluting the ocean

Pollution is a major problem,  which includes the whole world.Our Marine life is important therefore we need to protect it.

Initially, the sea is our life and most people rely on it. Innocent sea creatures are dying and no one is taking a stand. Researchers shows that the largest oil spill took place in Kuwait, there were about 350-520 gallons of oil dipped into the ocean. But this was no accident, the Iraqi people were at war and by spilling oil into the sea, it would stop the foe from landing.But was it all worth killing millions of innocent creatures?

Not only do oil spills damage our seas, but also effects our sea. Some damages to the environment lasts for decades after the oil spills occurs. However, not only do oil spills damage the sea, but littering has it's parts too. Any toxic materials that that are put into bodies of water can eventually flow into the ocean as a result affecting our marine life. These unpleasant actions must stop because sooner of later most sea dwellers are going to be extinct. 

We use the sea for our daily activities etc:
*diving and more

The sea contains chemicals which comes from all sorts of pollutions, so we must be mindful of what we do to the ocean because not only do sea animals use it, we do too.

To conclude, I strongly believe that that animals deserve to live just like us, so we must embrace and care for the ocean as it plays a crucial part of our life 

Brenda Heather

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