Wednesday, 29 July 2015

sharks should not be hunted 

In my point of view, I personally believe that sharks shouldn't be hunted.

Causing shark attacks
Initially my opinion is that surely we humans must understand that when we get attacked by a shark, were mistaken by it's natural preys such as;fish,seals and sea-lions. people swimming and surfing are most likely to be targeted, because people and surfboards interact like seals and sea lion for example:we move like seals, then they take a bite but then realise we taste very bad.

To support my point
Furthermore common sense tells us that they should not be killed. There the only doing that comes naturally. According to research the national coordinator of the Australian marine conservation society(N.C.A.M.C.S). Sharks shouldn't be hunted because they are only following there instincts. Like we humans follow our instincts on land to survive and protect ourself.

 In conclusion I personally believe that they shouldn't be hunted after attacking humans, because of the reasons above

Tevita Paea

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