Monday, 27 July 2015

Should girls be allowed to play “male” sports in schools?

Through my point of view, I strongly believe that all girls are capable of what boys do! There are many girls who enjoy rough sports that involve getting muddy. All girls have pride to prove that they are tough or tougher than most boys. Would you prove that you are capable of doing sports just like boys?

Initially, girls have “strength” and “power” to play any sport they desire. We are just the same as boys but different gender. If it’s something they love to do, girls won’t worry about getting hurt because they do whatever it takes to play that sport.

Secondly, girls may be different for obvious reasons, but is it really going to stop them from getting muddy on the field?
If men were the only athletes, then who would women  be able to look up to and to inspire. There are quite a few girls who can beat men in certain sports. However, most women don’t mind knocking each other over. I suggest that all girls have the right to play any sports in schools.

Finally, here are my opinions why girls should play “male” sports in school. Firstly, girls are stronger than they look. Secondly, girls are more about teamwork than winning. Lastly, girls are very competitive and likes challenges. There are many people who say that “girls are weak” but that doesn't put them down, it gives all girls to prove that they are just as good or better than boys. Courage, strength, power and teamwork is what girls have in themselves. Sports give all girls motivation to be greater than boys.

In Conclusion, no matter if it’s boxing, rugby, football or whatever, girls will do whatever it takes to play those sports. We are just as tough or tougher than boys. Moreover girls are capable to desire or dream to play any sport they love in school and out of school.

-Maama Vaipulu

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