Monday, 27 July 2015

         Students Should Have Ipads Instead Of Books And Pens!!!

Have you ever lost your only pen and had to buy a new one?Or ran out of paper in your book and your only half way through writing and had to do it again?Well I believe that instead of using books and pens we should use ipads.

Firstly,ipads are a lot lighter then having to carry around a bag full of books that can weigh you down and squash your lunch YUCK!!! Also whenever your books run out you have to buy a new one that wastes your money.

Secondly,there are good learning apps on ipads that can increase students learning level e.g. BrianPOP featured movie,see touch learn,Video Science,Sight words for reading HD,Earth viewer,Google earth,ibooks,History line,Sky grid,Khan academy,Number math game,Teacher kit solve the outbreak and many more.

Finally,Ipads will last longer if you take care of them,also books only last as long as the pages in it.

Therefore students should have ipads instead of books and pens!

                        Thank You


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