Monday, 27 July 2015


Marijuana is natures most condemned plant.Despite the fact that there hasn't been anyone recorded of dying from a weed overdose,possession of the drug is still very illegal.

Although marijuana is one of the most addictive drug in the drug world,it has been proven to be used for good use.But if the plant is so bad,Why can it be used for good reasons? Studies have proven that cannabis can be used to ease pain,nausea,and vomiting caused by various illnesses.In fact,marijuana is patently safer than many commonly prescribed drugs.
We have been using pills and tablets to ease pain and pressure in the human body for a very long time,but is the daily painkillers we use really safe? According to the American Medical Association (AMA),weed is a potential wonder drug.The side effects of using weed only last a little while,while using a common drug like aspirin or paracetamol are more dangerous,and can result in death.Aspirin side effects can cause abdominal pain,stomach bleeding when taken with alcohol,Hypothermia,heavy sweating,and much more,whereas cannabis has less near death side effects,and the side effects are not near death.For two-four hours,using chronic causes short term memory loss,a slight reduction in reaction time,and kind of makes you stupid for a little while.However,these side effects do not persist once the herb wears off.
Secondly,chronic eases pain and can be used to treat illnesses like cancer and glaucoma, and other diseases like multiple sclerosis (muscle spasms) seizure disorders etc. 
Even though doctors do like the idea of giving their patients marijuana,they do admit that this plant is more better than other medicines.Medical marijuana has already been legalized in the Colorado state,but only people over eighteen with a marijuana card are prescribed.
In conclusion,chronic is the most safest painkiller that works wonders for various illnesses.

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