Thursday, 27 August 2015

Anastasia Dionysiou

Should animals be used for scientific testing?

Scientists use testing to check if the medicine is good enough to use on humans,  but the way they check if it is good enough, they use innocent animals, which is why I truly believe that animals should me used for scientific testing.

Why they are useful:

Animals are really useful. Animals are loving and can help men and women for blindness and other uses, for example; They can help you when you are scared, they will always be right next to you, also animals can help people and can guard you and your family place.
They can also help you with a warning or something that will help you know when something is coming.they are also useful to make us happy when we are sad. They are like another best friend of ours. Do you think that they are useful??


"Animals are just like us humans." We both need water and food to live and also a house to protect us and keep us safe. We are nearly They are nearly all born the same way as us. We are also similar because we can both draw, "Elephants are really good at drawing." 
Some animals have really good memory, just like some of us people.

What they should do:

Further more, the scientists that do testing are called vivisects. To them, they do not care about which kinds of animals they are hurting. "But what I believe the scientists should do is give themselves the medicine to drink and see if it is good, so if it fails they can die from using their own invention!!" instead, of using their invention on animals and then when they fail, they don't
just fail, but they took a precious animals life.

To conclude my argument, I firmly and truly believe that animals shouldn't be used for scientific testing. Don't you care about the poor animals??

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