Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Is it wrong to fight?

Fighting has become a huge problem in schools these days,mostly by the people that starts the fights.But here's the thing:If the victim does nothing,the bully would keep on going,making the victim more and more vulnerable.

For this reason,children should learn how to fight,as an act of survival.It is not right for someone to tolerate the violence handed down to them in the form of bullying or anything else.Not only is it suffered in school,but it is also suffered on the streets and at home.

Secondly,we are born with an instinct to fight.It is a natural human reflex!It is activated when feeling threatened or scared.Like animals such as dogs and lions,we respond to it through attack.This has happened all the time,going all the way back to the first humans.Whenever feeling attacked or afraid,they would respond to it by fighting.

In addition,it is good to fight for your own survival,and it is a human instinct after all.

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