Sunday, 9 August 2015

Is music more important then sport?

Is music more important than sport?It depends.Music and Sport are both found being studied in most schools.But which is more important?People have grown up to choose both these things as a career path (eg Chris Brown,Steph Curry etc).

The art of music has been around way before the days we were born.Music has been used to let out the emotion of the person making the song,and you can also listen to or make music during leisure time.Music can bring out the creativity in people.

But what about sports? Sports is just as substantial as music.Sport is physically demanding of the human body,which is a good thing.It helps the body in the fitness aspect and can benefit your well being.

To conclude,both subjects are just as important as each other.Without both subject,life and the word would no longer be fun,but boring.


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