Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Should exotic animals be kept as pets?
The issue focused on is,should exotic animals be kept as pets.Wild animals are creatures that are supposed to live in their natural habitat that is in the wild,keeping wild animals can effect the health.

To begin with,No one should be keeping wild animals in the first place,humans keeping animals in cages can anger the animal which can end up with someone getting hurt,but this effect the animal itself.These animals belong in their natural habitat and don't deserve to be put in cages,these wild animals are not domestic,they deserve to have a better life.surely,you agree with that?

Furthermore,keeping wild animals can harm the animal as well,for example:
These symptoms shown above can effect the population of the species of animals.Wild animals should not be kept as this can cause harm toward s the animals life.

To express my last point of view,I believe that keeping exotic animals can get you in trouble with the law,(which can put someone in jail)From a website called Debate,I found out that 90% of animals die in a year,many wild animals such as,snakes, bears, tortoises,tigers,monkeys.A lot of wild animals are abandoned by their owner because hey cannot take care of the animal.this is called animal cruelty.If you are not like this ,than good on you.We humans go out and have fun,but these animals suffer from hunger and diseases.An intelligent person like you surely knows this ,right?

In conclusion,wild animals should be kept in their natural habitat because their population is coming to a end,surely you agree?

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