Tuesday, 4 August 2015

         Students Should Get Paid For Good Grades!!!

Do you think you have good grades?Then this is something you need to think about.Students should be paid for good grades.

Firstly,if students were to get paid for good grades it would encourage them to get to where they need to be at school or higher.It'll push them forward to a better future.

Secondly,On a website called Debate.org 61% of people from all around the world say yes to this topic and 39% say no.I think that it is a good idea that students should get paid for good grades because it'll be a good reward for them,for doing a good job at school.

Finally,here are some of the comments from the website.You work at school,You work at a job,You can learn at school,You can learn from a job,You get paid at a job,Not at school.What's the difference?You go to work because you need money.Very rarely because enjoy it.Same as school

Therefore,I strongly believe that students should get paid for good grades.

                       Thank You

By:Aliyah Hika

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