Wednesday, 5 August 2015

should students be bullied? steven fononga

why do bullies do such brutal damage to people? But bullies are tenacious in their brutal acts,and scientists have not had much luck figuring out why.A new study sought answers in a way no other study has,by asking bullies why they do it,some bullies fight for power and respect.

Bullies with the most hostility reported picking on kids because those kids were not good at sports. The most frequent bullying involved picking on students they perceived to be gay or lesbian,a result that agrees with another recent study on bullying.While much more needs to be learned,the researchers now speculate that the beliefs and ideals of a particular community or society may influence bullying behaviour.

Bullies were more likely than non-bullies to live in families without two biological parents,such as living in single parent families,living with extended family members or with foster parents,such situations may mean bullies,in some attention at home,the scientists said.

In conclusion,only when understanding and applying these tips on how teachers can prevent bullying,that schools,students and school workers can actually become safer from bullying.It is essential we understand what can teachers for to stop bullying and help them reach that goal today    

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