Monday, 31 August 2015

Sir Edmund Hillary Middle School
2 Franklin Road
Otara, Aukland, New Zealand 

Dear Mrs Ngakuru

Today, I am writing this letter because I firmly believe that our school should have a swimming pool, so that we can be hyped up and ready for school.

My first reason is so that when we have swimming sessions, we wont need to use any petrol of the school cars/vans. Also we wont need to walk for 10-15 minutes to get there, but instead we only walk for 30-45 seconds.

My second reason is that having a swimming pool ain't just about having swimming lessons and having fun, but it is also to keep us healthy and safe if we need help when we are in the water drowning. We need to be safe at all times. And if we are drowning or need help in the water, we wont only have the class to help us, but we will also have the whole school helping us.

My third and final reason, is so that not only can the children/students have swimming lessons, but also can parents, teachers and also principals. Because some cant swim and it will also help to be safe and to help their children if they are in trouble!!

As you can see, I am pretty sure that all these reasons have proved that our school should have a swimming pool.

Your sincerely

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