Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Violence,what does violence mean?
It's a type of behaviour where use physical force to intend to hurt , damage,or kill something or someone.

Firstly,The first type of violence I would like to bring up is 
"Family Violence".What is family violence?It means when violence takes place in homes between family members,especially involving adults.Violence may run through genes.This can happen any time and involve or happen to anyone.

Secondly,The next type of violence that is commonly going around New Zealand is "School Violence" that is Known as bullying.Damaging property or personal belongings can also go under this name "Cyber Bullying".Cyber Bullying is where bullying and other people go around spreading false rumours that may affect their self-esteem.

Finally,I know this is a problem and this problem can be fixed.It's alright to say that your going for a walk to think things through,and to burn of some negative energy.Think before you act.Violence has never been wanted in New Zealand that's why I chose violence to stop.

In conclusion,I believe that violence should stop in New Zealand and other countries.


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