Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Girls Rugby

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate 

2 Franklin road

Otara Auckland 2023

Dear Mrs Ngakuru
I am writing to convince you that our school should allow girls to play rugby.
The first reason for my argument is that girls are just as good at playing rugby as boys. Boys maybe stronger than girls and that's not a concern, but girls can play  rugby maybe even better than boys. If we have the determination to do it, then maybe we can be successful.

The second reason is having the desire to play and to prove that we can handle the game.Take Valerie Adams for an example, she was determined to do what she does best and guess what, she's now the best shot put player in the world. We don't know if other schools look at us and thinks, "they're too scared to go against us".They don't know what were capable of. Since our motto is "reach for far horizons", most of us girls consider rugby as our life time career, but how are we suppose to reach for far  horizons if our school is holding us back from it.

Again I request you to give more opportunities  for the girls to prove ourselves and to do our school proud.

Brenda Heather

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