Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Homework should not be banned.

It is my strong belief that homework should not be banned, because by doing homework, it teaches children to be more responsible and to be aware of using their time wisely. I also believe that homework teaches self discipline and it is also a good way of practicing skills at home to make sure children have understood what they have been taught at school.

My first reason why I believe that homework should not be banned is because it teaches children to be responsible and aware of using their time wisely. By doing homework, children are taught to be responsible, because they will have to schedule their own time and learn to use their time wisely. This also teaches children responsibility, because they will have to finish their homework and hand it in at school and if not, they will find themselves in trouble at school the next day of their learning.
Secondly, most children thinks that homework is a matter of wasting time and it doesn’t teach them anything. Well I believe that homework is able to teach children to be self discipline. When children are doing their homework, they are refreshing their minds and revising what they have learned; and it teaches them to be discipline because soon when they grow up, they will have more tasks and the same amount of time to complete it. By doing homework, teach children to practice their skills to being to finish and complete tasks quickly and the more they do them quickly, it is better as they will have more time to do more things, rather than avoiding homework or other tasks.

Thirdly, doing homework helps children to gain more knowledge and it helps them to understand all parts of their schoolwork that they don’t understand very well. In my opinion, it is better to do homework, because children have the opportunity to understand more and learn more things, so that they don’t have to be guided personally in learning and having to miss out in other subjects at school. Getting a well deserved mark is also a special and a great thing to be proud of, and the most potential reason why would have be because they practice much, which is possibly because children do, learn and revise through their homework. It is likely obvious that homework should not be banned.

My final point for why I believe that homework should not be banned is because homework is an excellent and a great skill to posses and it is a part of a child’s future. Homework guides children to be self discipline, responsible and to to be able use their time wisely. Therefore, children’s future are up to them, and it is not necessary that they blame others for making them do disagreeable, ridiculous homework.

To put it succinctly, I strongly believe that homework should not be banned, because it is for children’s good that they forcefully have to do stacks of stressful homework.

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