Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate Middle School
2 Franklyne Road
Otara, Auckland, New Zealand

1 September 2015

Dear Mrs Ngakuru

I am writing this letter because i surely believe that the middle school should start at 8.30am.

Firstly, I believe that if our middle school starts at 8.30am, students will be more responsible to come earlier. However, if they are late, they will face the consequences by going to "Detention". Example, coming to school at 8.30am will help students in life; if they have a job they will learn to become early-birds, and where did they learn that from? "School".

My second reason is that, students will have more time to finish off their overdue work and get ready for the next topic. Students will also concentrate on being early to school and when they arrive, they will focus more on learning. All students need a motivation to keep them coming to school and to "reach the far horizons".

Lastly, making students come to school early, not by force, but to help them learn and to be responsible in life and in school. "Just think or imagine how it would look like if students were early to school everyday.

It is true that most students in my class disagree with me, and say that we should start later than 8.30am, however, i totally disagree with all of them. If students have a dream, school and education is the key to open their future.

I hope you will consider my request so we will make our middle school start at 8.30am

Sincerely, yours

Maama Vaipulu

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