Tuesday, 15 September 2015

To introduce my topic, I want to give you a strong meaning about “RECYCLING”. Recycling  is using convert waste into reusable material etc. Recycling is the best way of saving our planet, it is the only way of saving our planet, it is the only way of helping our marine life, and the only way of keeping our nature healthy, it is the only way to stop the ozone layer from getting destroyed  and to save our planet. Recycling is the solution to many problems on our earth.

Initially, my first opinion about this topic, is “WHAT WILL BE THE AFFECT ON THE ANIMAL KINGDOM”?  Rubbish affects each and every animal on earth in many ways, for instance ;
*Smell of pollution
*The material of the trash and the waste
* Trashing filling the environment.
These are the three main reason why our animal kingdom is getting destroyed. The smell of pollution, can combine  with the air, and of course land animals need air to live, but the air that they will breathe will damage their health.The material of the waste has an affect on animals especially our marine life, the plastic material can choke the animals the metal material can cause cuts and minor injuries. These are the main  reason why our animal kingdom including our marine life will get destroyed.

Recycling can save our planet from the strong rays of the sun most likely called U.V radiation from burning our earth, if we don’t recycle the ozone layer will be penetrable and it will burn our earth. For those who are against me,”Would you want our earth to burn ”?. Exactly, no one wants this to happen, recycling can be the way of saving our beautiful planet.

Recycling is the way of using old waste, garbage/trash being formed to something reusable so it could be used again, if we don’t recycle. half of our earth will be full of trash and old waste “Where would we live if trash will fill half of our earth”? Do you seriously want this to happen, “SO WE HAVE TO RECYCLE”!!!

To conclude,I strongly believe that RECYCLING can be the solution to many problem that our world will suffer,to help our society to become a clean, tidy environment. Recycling  can help save our earth.


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