Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Why we need minecraft in schools by taiko

Minecraft is a must need in schools but mainly building classes.There is many reasons but I'll just say the best!Before I start all people who don't know minecraft it is a 3D world with two main modes:
Survival and creative.

Survival mode is not the main topic of this but as the name says your meant to survive at all means necessary so let it be steal food from a village or hide in a cave(that's not that safe)  or if your the teacher this could be a challenge for the class:to make a house E.C.T but out of stuff that they find.

Creative mode is very similar to survival mode here are the differences:
  •  You have unlimited of every thing
  • You never die(unless you fall into the void)
  • You can fly
So that means it would be easer to build stuff in Creative than survival.
Image result for minecraft survival
It would be useful in building classes
In a building class it would help the students with building future houses,skyscrapers  and so on.
Image result for minecraft house
Next they could make a new way to get electricity
Using red stone (this games electrical wire) or make a new kind of dam that makes a lot more electricity the options are end less.

Finally since it is a game most kids would get hooked into it but you just have to keep them with a goal (build a house shop E.C.T)They might be so hooked into it they might make more than expected!
Image result for a school playing minecraft
So please think of this,this has many,many good sides and this is very few. this very common game can make a huge difference to the world.we can help the world you just need to play the game then make the house or so real!
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