Monday, 14 September 2015

Will Graffiti ever be called art?

How do you define "Art"? Is it something that shows mastery? Has it stood the test of time? Speak for the era in which it was created? Or is it something else?

The Form Of Art:

Art has been a way of expression for a very long time. But art can also be a way to explain what is happening.Take a look at the anonymous artist Banksy. His art explains the problem of the modern era.

Graffiti: Art through Vandalism:

Although many consider the spray painted pieces a nuisance, Graffiti has been gaining recognition from the art world more and more as a legitimate form of art.The use of colour, font, and structure is what makes the art form special, and is considered one of the most hardest forms of art to master. But why do people, or the law call it vandalism? The reason for this is the fact that it is "unauthorized". It shouldn't be unauthorized, because it is just as valuable as other pieces of art.

Banksy's Art Statement:

The anonymous artist Banksy has produced a lot of street art in the years but the meaning behind his art is beyond inspirational. But also it represents the problems/conflicts of the modern era.
The graffiti makes people think about what the art means. And this is all graffiti!!!

The Meaning Behind Graffiti pieces:

Like all other pieces of art, graffiti has a meaning behind the story of the picture. So why should it be part of vandalism? If it has a meaning and the art is brilliant, why should it be concealed? Graffiti is just as valuable as a normal work of art.


Graffiti can spark the creativity of one being.Just like other art projects, it requires the artist to think of a design, and/or think outside the box.You can piece anything together. Thats the whole point of Graffiti.


Overall, Graffiti should be part of the art world because it has the same features of art and has the same desirability as other art photos.


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