Thursday, 29 October 2015


The warm gusty breeze of spring lashed across my face as I staggered  through the multicoloured park.The silence broke when the sound of police siren covered the whole street.I could tell something was terribly wrong;and  was hoping i didn't have anything to do with it.As I sat down to take a break,a man came dashing down the footpath and made a sudden halt about a metre away from me.Struggling to catch his breath, he spoke in a disapproving manner."You didn't see anything"he gasped in his weird accent, "if you tell, I'll make your life a living hell"he added and disappeared.

A thousand questions flooded my mind."what was that all about?,what was he talking about?When I got home I was thinking of going straight to my bedroom but my mum cut me half way."your home early!"she said settling down to fold the washing.Just as I stepped onto the stairs the sound of the t.v left me motionless on the second step."Breaking news,a man is  wanted for reasons that police would not allow the public to know about until after their investigation.There are two young girl one at the age of 11 and the other 7,they are both in critical conditions,if you know anything please help us try and unmask this fraud". I felt guilty about myself because soon after the man left ,the police came and asked me if I knew anything about it. I said no because who knows what that man might do to me and my family.

As I slid into my cosy bed;I couldn't think of anything besides that incident. I promised my self that tomorrow I was going to set things right.What ever he said didn't mean anything right now because two young girls are in hospital fighting for their life.What ever that man did he was responsible for,and he should also pay for it.I would appreciate if someone owed up for the sake of my life.

Brenda Heather

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