Thursday, 29 October 2015

I Would Remember This Forever…

:Aleksandr (Main: Ashley Benson)
:Lucas (Boy obvs: Max Carver)

I remember it like it was just yesterday, the best day of my life! I could still hear the power he held by the sound of his voice, the way my heart raced when he looked at me, the smell of his perfume, the butterflies in my stomach….I could remember it perfectly, and i knew that i would NEVER be able to forget it….

*1 week ago*

I was walking down the corridor with my music blasting through my headphones as I hummed along to the tune of ‘She Bad’ by Cameron Dallas. Many people slumped past me, the weather was very sorrowful, and cold, it continued to pour down with the freezing, cold liquid.

As I continued walking down the slippery floors, i hit into an extremely hard wall: But as I opened my eyes I saw a pair of Black  Nike, I glared at the person’s feet before my gaze travelled up his body.My heart fluttered as I noticed who I had bumped into, he reached over to me, his eyes held concern.

“Are You Ok!?” An angelic voice spoke to me, “Are You OK!?!?” Oh My Gosh! that voice again. I suddenly realised what was happening and snapped out of my trance.  Shaking my head I quickly replied “y-yeah I-I'm aright” i internally slapped myself for being a stuttering mess.

He then did something i never expected him too...he hugged me whispering apologies into my ear, he leaned away his arms still wrapped around me his face a mere 10 inches away from mine; and i couldn't help my heart race at our sudden closeness. “What’s Your Name?” his now raspy voice cutting me out of my trance again, wait! what did he say!? ~i think he asked you for your name~ my conscious spat in annoyance.

“Aleksandra” I replied shakily. “What?” he said confusion lacing his voice, “Aleksandra, My Name Is Aleksandra” I said a little louder now.

“Well, Aleksandra, i am deeply sorry for hitting into you, I hope you’re okay” He said Thousands of emotions running through his chocolate brown eyes, but concern overpowered all of them.

He turned around as I was glued to my spot, just as he was about to walk away I shouted “Wait!!” he turned around slowly, looking at me with a confused look once again. “What Is Your Name?” A small smile tugged at the end of his lips, “Lucas” he said firmly, before he walked away…

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