Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Whisper

I can remember it vividly when i heard a whisper and no one was there. Saturday Morning I had woken up from the sun bursting through my window like a torch light had been looking right at me. I got up to stretch when i remembered that we would be visiting my aunt for the week because her son Jack had to leave for a press conference, and felt like she needed company.

Putting on my clothes my mum shouted "Get up! we need to go before traffic starts to crawl!" Unexpected to hear she was awake I had been shocked. Running out of my room to see that everyone was awake putting their baggage inside our van. "Hey! get your stuff into the car". But as I ran with my suitcase to the car I tripped over a shoe and landed on my chin. Ouch! Tasting and feeling little bits of mud in my mouth.

After a couple hours of driving we stopped at a two way road, thinking which way we should take. We thought we should just ring aunt Louise to ask. But because there was so many trees there was no signal to call. So we went the left lane.

Boom! Crack! We started to see black smoke come out of our bonet. As we were stopping we all got out to see what we were dealing with. When we found out what it was we knew it wasn't curable and that we needed a to take it to a mechanic. Completely stranded as far as we looked we saw a lighthouse and thought we'd ask for help.

As we walked up the stairs it started to shatter so we knocked on the door twice, then the door slowly opened. ''Open''? Walking inside I felt uncomfortable. So we quickly searched the house for anyone. Then the floor screamed, Boom! the door had shut. Then i heard whispers feeling nervous, I quickly ran outside seeing.... Aunt Louise?

"Hi guys what were you doing? Nothing'' Come on lets go". Then we went to Aunt Louise's house


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