Wednesday, 21 October 2015


 It was a cold winters day,"Get up Aliyah"shouted mum, "Its Saturday mum!" Aliyah shouted back." you have to look after the house for while" "OK" Aliyah got out of bed and walked downstairs,to see that mum has already made breakfast and was ready to go "I'll be back in a couple of hours OK?" " OK bye" As mum opened the door, Tory came in, "Oh, and look after her too," " DOWN GIRL!" I Shouted as Tory jumped on me. " bye mum" She said as mum hopped in the car.

As Aliyah finished eating her breakfast, she ran upstairs to get ready for the day,Tory followed. Aliyah put on  a pair of her favourite jeans, a top and a hood jumper, and put up her hair in a pony tail, and ran back downstairs,Tory following behind. Aliyah lit a fire in the fire place,because it was as cold as a witches foot, and sat down and watched TV.

After a While Aliyah started getting hungry and turned off the TV, and went to go make her something to eat."beware the witch..." "Who's there?" shouted Aliyah as she jumped in fright. But no one answered.

After a few minutes, Aliyah decided to call mum and tell her about the whisper. "Hi mum" "Hi Aliyah, what's the matter"

" I heard something" " What was it?" "It said Beware the Witch...". There was a silence for a little while "Mum?...are you there?" " Yes, I'm here" "What does it mean?..." " Nothing"

A few hours later, mum arrived home. "Aliyah, can you come and help me with the shopping?"...Aliyah didn't answer."Aliyah!" She still didn't answer. Mum went into the house to find Aliyah in her bed.All she said was; "Beware the Witch..." in a whisper. 

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