Thursday, 22 October 2015


Once a upon a time, in a far away Island across the 7 seas, there lived a little family stayed at the Island for several years.

In a city called London, there was a lovely place to visit, London is one of the most peaceful place to visit. In London there lived a small family this family had a loving heart to other people. Dad was Jack , mum was Angela, the kids were Mary, Lina and Brax. This family was not just called family it was also called the friendly family.

One time this friendly family had a plan to go on a vacation around the 7 seas. The next morning this friendly family went on their vacation through the 7 seas. But when they were going through the seas something weird had happened. A few minutes ago the big boat sank into the sea everyone in that boat died accept the friendly family.

The next morning this friendly family ended up in a beautiful Island full of trees, flowers and beautiful air to breath. This family needed help so the kids said, " I want to go home", said the kids. But they cant no one is around to help us.

In the next fine morning they all woke up for breakfast. But they just remembered that they have no food. "We should look for food", said Angela. but they cant find food, so Brax, Mary and Lina was walking around looking for fruit, when they got back Lina brought a mango ; Brax brought bananas. "Can we eat now?" said Mary so they all sat down and start eating.

Many years past, Angela and Jack died. So the kids were the only ones left still alive. One night Brax, Mary and Lina went to sleep they heard a small whisper coming through the bushes. "What is that sound", said Lina, "I don't know?" replied Mary. So Brax went outside and check there was nothing around, so they went back to bed they heard someone whispering near Lina's ear.

The next morning Brax woke up and build a canoe for them to go back. "Where is Brax?" said Lina and Mary. They wentt outside they saw Brax building a canoe. "What is that for Brax?" said Mary. Brax replied "we are going back to London", "but how" said Lina. We need to build a canoe. WhenBrax had finish building the canoe. "Time for us to rest in the morning we are going to leave" said Brax.

Brax woke up the next morning. He heard the whisper. "Who is there" said Brax woke up Lina and Mary "it's time to go" said Brax. Brax, Mary and Lina travelled across the 7 seas, suddenly they reached up to London with joyness and happiness. But there was only one problem the whisper was still there..

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