Wednesday, 1 June 2016

The importance of staying active

The Importance Of Staying Active!!!! Why is it important for us to stay active? Staying active can help to improve your health and to keep you very fit. It can also help you to grow better physically and mentally, as well as to increase your chances of living longer. PARAGRAPH 1: Staying active improves your health and helps to keep you very fit. You can feel better and move around better. You can also gain a wealthy life and will be able to do things that a few people can not. By keeping physically active your body will be prevented from getting various diseases, such as, heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure, getting a stroke and more. So being active can also give you a very healthy life for the future. PARAGRAPH 2: Being active can also help you to grow both physically and mentally.How?? When you start to lose weight your physical appearance will begin to grow taller, but unless you become inactive and antisocial your body becomes overweight and both your physical and mental body becomes short and fat. Also, when you are mentally active it gives you an enormous sense of well-being, sleeping better at night and even having sharper memories, as well as feeling more relaxed and positive towards yourself and others. As you can see being active is good for you in a lot of ways both physically and mentally. PARAGRAPH 3: It can also increase your chance of living longer. Did you know that people that stay active can live up to 7 years longer than people who are obese and inactive. Being inactive makes your life more shorter and won’t be able to live for as long as others. On the other hand active people is lucky enough to live longer than most people who are disconnected from the world and from doing active things, for example, doing fitness, or playing sports gives people a lot of energy and helps them to achieve a lot of things. Activeness is a cure to being inactive. CONCLUSION: Without staying active you are risking your life to getting multiple diseases. Studies show that staying active can relieve depression, help you to NOT go overweight, anxiety stress, mental disorder, etc. Activeness gives you the energy to do things that you might not have been able to do before you became active. Although inactiveness keeps you from the world and from keeping fit. So, Is this the life you want to live???? By: Alisi (THE BO$$)

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