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Why the Treaty Of Waitangi is important??

Why the Treaty Of Waitangi is important??

The Treaty of Waitangi is an agreement that representatives of the British Crown and the Maori chiefs signed in 1840. The whole purpose of the treaty was to allow the British settlers and the Maori people to live together in New Zealand under a set of agreements. It is important to New Zealand because it kept peace between the Maori and other New Zealanders, it also important as it can help us to remember the history of NZ as well as to respect and appreciate different cultures and languages.

The Treaty Of Waitangi is very important because it maintains peace and builds the friendship of the Maori and other New Zealanders. Before the Treaty Of Waitangi the Maori and the British people were two separate people so they had to maintain peace because they weren’t the same. Before the Treaty the Pakeha had more rights than the Maori, but after signing the Treaty it gave equal rights to every person living in New Zealand.

The Treaty is also important because it not only reminds us of the past but also because it is a very important part in the New Zealand history. Everyone should know about the history because it is an important way of the way New Zealand runs. If we can imagine what it would be like without the Treaty, there would probably be no arguing and no Waitangi Day.  We can also realise and find out more about how the relationship between Maori and Pakeha has changed over time.

It can also give us an opportunity to learn, respect and appreciate the Maori culture, language and tradition. Since Maori people are the first people of New Zealand their language is an official language of the country as well as English and sign language. About 700,000 people in New Zealand are Maori. By having a lot of Maori people in our country we can learn from them how to appreciate it and can probably talk it. The Maori culture is important to a lot of people so we learn it, respect it and appreciate it.

In conclusion, as you can see, The Treaty Of Waitangi is beyond important. It has done a variety of things for New Zealand in the past, present and will for the future. It gives New Zealand rights equally and creates peace between different languages and cultures. Nowadays not that much people understand the importance of it. But hopefully after this you might know a bit more or even understand it better than you did before.
By: Alisi (The Boss)

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