Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Otara-My Home

Otara-My Home

Is Otara a good place to stay? Some people believe that Otara is too dirty and too violent. Others believe that Otara is a thriving community waiting to be noticed. I personally believe that Otara is more than what the stereotypes say it is.

People think that from the graffiti to the polluted creeks, Otara can be one of the worst places to live especially for their children. They say the gangs are just the beginning of trouble and that kids are no longer safe. For these reasons, people believe that Otara is indeed not safe or not a good place for the future generation.

People say that our crime rate in Otara is high, However, research shows that our crime rate isn’t as high as other places. We may have had a few robberies, fights and a few murders in the past, but research now shows that Otara’s crime rate has decreased and other suburbs such as Manurewa and others has increased.

However, others believe that Otara can be rich in culture and a very good place to start your child’s education. It can have very good food and you can meet a lot of good friends and family around here. Otara can be loud and small but it’s had a huge impact in my life.

Over the years, Otara has produced a lot of great rugby players, lawyers, doctors and more. For example, Manu Vatuvei, Ruben Wiki and a lot more. Otara has played an enormous part in a lot of people’s lives.

In conclusion, I believe that Otara is a beautiful place going to waste. It has been around so long with so little people admiring it. Otara is my life, I’ve met some incredible people here and I’ve grown here long enough to realise it’s more beautiful than people say it is. So I ask you, Do you think Otara is a good place to stay?

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