Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Animals should have a voice

If humans have a voice why can’t animals

I believe that animals should not be kept in cages and zoos and should be set free into the wild. Some say that they should keep them in locked up cause they may harm people and they may also cause major injuries towards others. Some say yes because they may help other people with things they need to be done, especially if they have illnesses or are disabled and also they as animals need to enjoy their wild life in the open.

First of all, most animals would be separated from their original families. They would cause sadness and depression in the animal leading to a shorter lifespan. For them to be separated from their families will be such a sad thing for them to experience. I mean, just imagine if we as humans were departed from our family members throughout our whole life, wouldn’t that just be sad. We should take them out of zoos and reunite them with their families.

Secondly, people might see them as a threat or something else in their eyes. However, they still deserve equality like the humans have. They are also living things that should have the same rights, having freedom and do their own things which we human beings do. It is cruel to lock them up in a cage, instead of letting them to live their way they want in the wildlife. Some might argue that it is use for wildlife conservation, preventing endangered species from going extinct.

Last but not least animals should have space to move around for activities or for fitness. Animals like chickens and roosters are stuck in cages for most of their lives. More than 10 chickens are stuck in one cage and have absolutely no space at all to move around and to do any physically movement, letting chickens or any other animal live like this for their lifetime is a cruel part of their everyday lives.

In conclusion, it is cruel to keep animals in zoos or even cages they spend their whole lifetime separated from their families and even stuck together in one cage or building. We should give them the opportunity to set them free and also let them experience the life us humans have. Letting animals out into the wild or just letting them be free can also help people who have illnesses or are suffering with disabilities by helping them with chores and many more everyday activities.


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