Sunday, 19 March 2017


Born in the islands but raised in the ghetto.
4 brothers 2 sisters i always lived in the shadow.
Hugs and a kiss to a smack and a kiss.
Crime and violence but never enough silence.
Bread and tea was dinner for a week.
Missing shoes,no clothes and ripped bed sheets.
Fighting and killing to maintain land.
Red and Blue gets put before the famz.
car crashes,window washers and bus waxers too.
Look up at the power line and see hanging shoes.
A place where brothers and sisters are forgetting their roots.
a place where hall of fame athletes are born everyday.
And a place where before you go sleep you need to pray.
A place where were so poor only half can afford a house with a door.
But we don't care about there opinions because where 274.

By Faigafou Amani

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