Sunday, 19 March 2017

Who am I ?

Who am I, a question I keep asking myself, I have parents who are growing old and a sister who will one day look unto me. I have responsibilities that need taken care of for the possibilities they end up gone. One day will come for them to perish and they'll be many memories that I have kept and will cherish.

Who am I, I ain't a sinner for who I want to be the problem is it gets to me, why do people even care is it the fact that not everyone in my culture is tan or black. My family has always been taunting me about what do you want to  be or who are you going to be it has been irritating me for a long time and the answers not inside me its about creating along the way of my tough journey.

Who am I, the question that will soon be answered. My grades dropped in yr 6 was it because I was hanging around the wrong crowd or I was skipping classes,no, it was because I was always getting shut down by other class students and it got me thinking am I not good enough or I'm just to dumb to be in this class, I started comparing myself to others but it wasn't worth it so I began sitting in the shadows thinking I couldn't make it.

Who am I, still remains unidentified.

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