Wednesday, 14 June 2017



Driving through an old and rocky driveway,  Ruth the 10 year old was excited to see her Grandpa. She ran inside and opened the door to her Grandpa’s room. She drops to the ground crying  a waterfall, as she see’s her Grandpa dead on the floor. Just lying down right in front of Ruth.  Ruth hugs him so tightly. He was as cold as ice,  as pale as a passing of a ghost.  She screams for her parents Faigafou and Tara to run in. Once her mum got their she was trying to find any clues of how he died. The father seeking for pills but their was nothing.  Asking themselves how that could've happened?  

“Maybe if we got here earlier he would of been alive” Tara argued. Faigafou snobs her and walks away with his head down. His smile turned into a frown putting the blame on himself.  He Rings the Ambulance, telling them to come very quickly.  Once they arrived they covered his body with this black bag and took him away.
Tara and ruth cried themselves to sleep in their grandpa’s room.  While faigafou slept in the sitting room alone.

Suddenly this noise of whispers echoed from down the hallway. Faigafou followed the noise it was coming from the grandpa’s room. Ruth began to talk like a devil was inside her. Her dad was so scared he pinched himself to see if he was dreaming but no it was reality. Tara her mother asking that demon

“Where’s my daughter, give her back to me”

Ruth was then lifted up to the ceiling of the Grandpa’s room.  The mother and father trying to reach for her daughter, but that demon wouldn't let her go. She had been thrown from one end of the room to the other. Screaming so loud a pope from the church down the road came running in. As he entered the room he grabbed his cross necklace out spraying holy water on Ruth. Speaking in this type of language the father and mother didn’t understand. The demon inside of her was slowly dying.

Instantly the room went quiet. Ruth dropped to the ground, her mother and father hugging her like there was no tomorrow. It was a miracle.  Seeing their tears had made the pope cry as well. Ruth’s parents thanked the pope for saving their daughter. If only he could of been their for their grandpa.  They would of lived a happier life.

The end!

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