Tuesday, 13 June 2017


Its once every year, she visits the depths and remainings of her beloved home. She rises from the core of her grave and instantly memories and flashbacks hit her, pounding on the side of her head like a boomerang hitting her head then instantly blasting back. The old mansion was in pieces, trashed and wrecked, windows cracked with hollow walls, noticing it wasn’t like this the year earlier. She urges with rage and anxious to find the unthoughtful people. A flashback hits her, she was eleven at the time, her father and mother shot in front of her, then held at gunpoint and gone in a snap. It’s the next day till she returns to the depths of her resting coffin.

Ruben and his mates Zach and Fredo, laugh at their misbehaving actions committed the earlier day, it was at the old mansion. Windows and walls smashed, breaking their foundation and leaving pieces all over the flour. The trio carry on to laugh and chat over their immature behavior, and later on decide to go again, this time at midnight. Zach tries hinting his friends to go during sunlight, he gives plenty of reasons why. Ruben and Fredo tease Zach for being a afraid, Zach man’s up agreeing to the midnight plan to prove he isn’t afraid. Later that day they go down the road picking up huge stones, packing it into school bags. They collect drift wood and unused metal parts, found on the bay near their homes. Citizens are confused by the things Ruben and the boys are collecting, Zach still has regrets of deciding to go at midnight, they collect a few more stones and head back home. The bags weight forces Fredo’s back to slope on an angle pulling him the opposite direction as they walk up hill. His back muscles begging him for rest as they struggle to hold an enormous amount of weight.

They arrive at their destination, well sort of did they planned to stay at Ruben's place but instead stopped at Fredo’s house, it was the nearest one from the bay, Ruben was already complaining about his back being sore. It was getting dark but it wasn’t till five hours to midnight. The trio are game freaks, they jam a bit of Clash of Clans, while they have a few packet of potato chips, and cups of fizz. They fill their hungry bellies, as they starved nearly the whole day. They continue to keep gaming, the time slowly passes by, but they manage to keep awake. It’s 11:50pm and the old mansion is couple of minutes down the road, fear is pumping through Zach’s head like a water pipe blasting non-stop. Goosebumps over take his soft skin, but without thinking he heads out with the boys. It took them approximately six minutes to arrive at the mansion the boys lay all the stones and metal pieces before their legs, they each grab a stone and aim at the inhabited mansion, shattered glass, wood collapsing and snaps are heard in the distance. The trio just laugh off at their misdemeanor actions, it’s 12:00 am and the boys witness red beams standing out, a loud scream blasts their eardrums, it seems to be a little girl. The trio run as fast a cheetah, leaving their schoolbags behind, Ruben turns over to Zach and Fredo and cried out shouting “I knew this was a bad idea” as the loud screams over take his last few words, they don’t get far till their hit from a huge swirl of wind, they collapse to the floor with minor injuries.

The boys tilt their heads witnessing the most horrifying thing ever seen,  their eyes tear up all begging for mercy. The beast screams, louder than they’ve ever heard. The sound tears their souls out of their bodies, they beg for goodwill but nothing seems to reverse their actions. Before they know it they’ve been murdered by the little girl, their bodies have been buried six feet below soil. The day was over and the little girl had returned to her resting coffin to return the next year. The trio are now the guardians of the old mansion.

Till now the three boys have not been found by any living citizen, they are now the legend of the old home. Years pass and till now they've looked after the old mansion. It’s now their duty 6to look after the old mansion they’ve torn apart, it’s the REMAINS.