Wednesday, 27 June 2018

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Snow plunged from the sky.The decrease was -5 making his lips red.

"Gu Jun Pyo,"Jan Di called out

He turned and his hair immersed to the side,showing his eyes glowing from the dark like a twilight.

"Gu Jun Pyo..."she called out again

He walked up to her,face to face,then he reached around her neck.

"Gu Jun Pyo..,what are you doing,"she told him

"Stand still,"he replied

When he drew back to his position.A light twinkled in the moonlight from her neck,it was a necklace.She reached for it and found that it was a star,lying in the middle was a moon.With letters that read

<Jan Di & Jun Pyo>

"Am I the moon?"she asked him

"Yes because I'm the star.Where ever that moon goes their's always that star.That resembles us,where ever that Jan Di moon goes,Gu Jun Pyo star is always their,"he told her



"Anneyong,"he greeted

"It's your father,"the voice from the phone replied

"Eomma!"he yelled

An adrenaline was sent through his entire body.He then alerted everyone like a fire alarm,and then reached for his car keys.When he arrived at the hospital his mother was sitting outside.She stood up,and then face to face with him.When she spoke,all of a sudden after she said <dead> everything went plank and black.He then fell to the floor then tears plunge from his eyes.



Jan Di reached for her phone and found Ji Hoo's text saying <meet me outside now! before it's too late>When she got outside Ji Hoo was waiting outside with his motorcycle.

"Hurry up! you might never see him again,"he called out

She ran up to him and hopped to the back of the motorcycle and on their way.Then they stopped and saw the plane took off.Tears burst from her eyes.

"I never got to say thank you to him,"she said while sobbing into tears

"I never got to say that I like him,"she said

Ji Hoo reached to her and held her into his arms.


It was a message from Gu Jun Pyo.

*Wait for me.I'll come back.I love you....Guem Jan Di*


It's okay even if you don't understand how much I love you.My feelings for you belongs solely to me.Because my own longings overflows too much.I can now love you on my own without seeing you.

Love:Guem Jan Di

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